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    Cascade Sheen:

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    Sashco Cascade Top Coat - 5 Gallon

    Why use Capture Log Stain on your log cabin?

    • Excellent elasticity, proven durability – Capture® Log Stain’s unique elastic formula allows it to move freely as your logs move, instead of cracking and peeling like the others. It provides the long-lasting protection you need and creates the dream-worthy look you want.
    • Maintenance made easy with Cascade® Clear Coat – Skip the arduous work of completely removing your stain when it needs refreshing. Simply clean the surface, apply Cascade®, and get back to life.
    • Easy water clean-up – Skin, earth, and nose friendly is always a plus. No harsh chemicals required.
    • Exterior / interior use – Capture Log Stain is excellent for most of your vertical woodwork, inside and out. It won’t hide the grain, but instead brings out its natural glow.