Price: $16.95


    GacoDeckFill Tube - 10 Ounce

    GacoDeckFill is a water-borne, elastomeric acrylic filler that utilizes 20% post-consumer recycled content to ensure an environmentally-friendly and durable, yet flexible, joint filler.

    SPECIALLY FORMULATED. GacoDeckFill is formulated specifically to work as part of a system of integrated GacoDeck products. It is the only approved acrylic joint filler for the GacoDeck System.

    WATERPROOFS AND PROTECTS. Waterproof and protect the GacoDeck system from expansion and contraction stress with GacoDeckFill.

    REMAINS FLEXIBLE. GacoDeckFill will not compress or protrude from joints.

    CLEANS UP WITH WATER. GacoDeckFill is an elastomeric acrylic filler that cleans up easily with soap and water.